William of Tyre

William of Tyre
   Greatest of the Crusader historians, and among the greatest historians of the Middle Ages. He was Amalric I's ambassador to Manuel I (qq.v.) in 1168, and subsequently archbishop of Tyre, and chancellor of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. His History of Deeds Done Beyond the Sea, in Latin, is important for events of his own lifetime (ca. 1130-1186), especially for the Second Crusade (q.v.), and for relations between the Crusader states and Byzantium (q.v.). For the First Crusade (q.v.) he relied chiefly on Albert of Aachen (q.v.), in addition to other works (e.g., Fulcher of Chartres [q.v.]). His history (q.v.), and continuations of it, are included in the so-called Estoire d'Eracles (q.v.).

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